Dikson Hair Color Extra

Dikson Color Extra

The coloring system that offers a combination of unlimited variety, complete conditioning, easy application and unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Unlimited variety:
Dikson Color Extra comes in more thatn 80 shades, from the palest blondes to the richest red and blacks.
Color remains true from the very first application.
Even the reds remain vibrant.

Complete conditioning:
Hair stays silky and shiny after every application of Dikson Color Extra.

Easy applications:
Shades are numbered from low to high, starting with the darkest tones.
Dikson Color Extra is so easy to use, too, it can be applied by bottle or brush and success starts with the very first application.
Each tube of Dikson Color Extra contains 4.05 Fl. Oz. of cream color.
Enough for 3 or 4 retouch applications.


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